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Sunday Cup Rules

Rule 1. Competition Name.

The Competitions shall be known as the Castleford & District Football Association Challenge Cup & Sunday Cup

Rule 2.Cup Owners.

 The President and Treasurer of the Castleford and District F.A. shall be, for intents and purposes, the legal owners of the cup in trust for the Association.

Rule 3.Management. 

The Cup Competition shall be for all Saturday Clubs belonging to this Association, and affiliated to the West Riding County Football Association Limited. All clubs may participate with the exception of clubs participating in the West Riding County Cup.  The Cup shall be competed for annually in accordance with the following rules:

Rule 4.Entrance Fee.

   Each competing club shall forward the entrance fee of 35.00 to the competition secretary before 1st June.  The committee may reject the entry of any club if they deem such a course desirable. 

Rule 4a. Substitute Players

 A Club may at its discretion use three substitute players at any time in a cup match, except to replace a player who has been suspended from the game by the Referee. The substitution can only be made when the game has been stopped for any reason and the Referee has given permission.  Up to a maximum of 3 substitute players out of 5 substitute players who are nominated prior to the match may be used.  The names of all substitutes must be given to the Referee prior to the commencement of the match, and substitutes not named shall not be allowed to take part in the match.

Rule 5.Players Eligible.

  No player shall be eligible to play for more than one competing Club in the same season, but members of each representative team may be changed during the series of matches if thought necessary.  In cases of postponed, drawn or replayed matches, only those shall be allowed to play who were eligible on the date fixed for the playing of the original match.  A player qualified to play in any round shall be deemed qualified to play in any found by virtue of his original qualification.  A player who has been suspended may play in postponed or replayed ties after the term of suspension has ended.

Rule 5a. Players Registration. 

Players MUST sign on the forms provided, which must be correctly completed in duplicate.  Both copies of the form must be sent to the competition secretary. The competition secretary shall retain one copy, the other after endorsement will be returned to the club. These forms MUST be endorsed SEVEN DAYS before the first round.  Clubs not in receipt of the endorsed copy THREE DAYS before the playing of the round must immediately contact the competition secretary.  Any club not having at least eleven players endorsed by the competition secretary SEVEN DAYS prior to the date of the first round SHALL by expelled from the competition. Any club wishing to register further players must do so at least seven days before the match on the individual forms provided by the competition secretary. Two copies of the form must be sent to the competition secretary for endorsement. No player to register after their quarter final match in the Sunday Cup and February 1st in the Challenge Cup.

 A stamped addressed must be enclosed for the return of all endorsed forms. Failure to enclose a SAE will result in an administration charge of 8.00 being made.

 Rule 6. Discipline & Fines.

  The Council shall have power to disqualify, fine or deal with as they think fit, any competing Club, who may be proved to have been guilty of a breach of Rules of this Association or of the Football Association. Fines will be doubled for repeated offences. All fines and charges shall be paid within 14 days of the date of posting of the written notification. Any club failing to do so will be fined a maximum of 50.  Further failure to pay the fine including the additional sum within 14 days will result in fixtures being withdrawn until such times as the outstanding payment is settled. The District Association may then apply to the West Riding County Football Association Limited for a suspension order covering the players and officials of the club. Any club or registered player found guilty by the West Riding County Football Association Limited of serious and / or persistent misconduct may be charged by the competition of undesirable conduct likely to bring the competition into disrepute

Rule 7. The Draw.

The Clubs in all ties shall be drawn in couples.  The couples shall compete with each other, and the names of the winning Clubs shall be placed in a lot and drawn in couples and compete as in the first tie, and so on until the Final is played, when the winning Club shall hold the cup for the current year.  Clubs must acknowledge receipt of cup draws within seven days in writing or be subject to a fine of 20.

Rule 8. Semi-Final & Final tie.

 The ties shall be drawn and the dates to be played fixed by Council, where floodlights are available ties may be played in midweek during the seven days prior to the original date specified for the match to be played, providing all parties are in agreement and the Council give permission.  Semi-finals and finals shall be played on dates and venues decided by Council. If the scores are level after extra time has been played it shall be decided by the taking of penalties as laid down by F.I.F.A.

Rule 9. Venues.

Unless mutually agreed upon, the club, which is in each instance is drawn first in the ballot, shall play upon its own ground. If the ground of the club having received choice of ground is considered unsuitable for a Cup Tie its opponents may appeal to the Council within THREE DAYS of the receipt of the official intimation of the draw on the payment of a fee of 20.00.  The Council may order the match to be played on the ground of the Club appealing or, on a neutral ground.  If such an appeal is not sustained, the Club complaining may be called upon to pay the expenses incurred in deciding the appeal.  The referee shall have power to decide as to the fitness of the ground in all matches.  Clubs must not mutually arrange a match in lieu of Cup Tie.

Rule 10. Ground Markings. 

Field of Play - All lines must be clearly defined according to Law 1 of the game.  Goal nets must be used in all ties.  Cost of marking ground is not a match expense.

Rule 11. Match Officials.

  The appointed referee in any match must not be a present member of either competing Clubs. A committee shall appoint a referee, and his duties shall be defined in Law 5 of the game.  The committee shall appoint the assistant referees in the semi-final and final ties.  The home club must confirm the date and venue of the match to the appointed official at least five days before the match.  Clubs failing to do so shall be liable o a fine not exceeding 50.00

Referees shall be paid a fee of 25.00 and travelling expenses of 20p per mile in all matches up to the semi-final.  In the semi-final they shall be paid 28.00 plus travelling expenses of 20p per mile.  Assistants shall receive half the referees fee plus expenses.  Officials in the final shall receive memento plus travelling expenses.  Appointed officials shall be paid half the fee plus travelling expenses if they attend the ground and the match is not played due to circumstances beyond either clubs control.  In the event of a club being in default the official shall be entitled to full fee plus expenses.  In the event of the appointed referee failing to appear or is unable to continue with his/her duties, both clubs must agree to a replacement match official, clubs failing to agree shall be liable to a fine not exceeding 100.00

Rule 12. Match Arrangements.

 The home club must confirm the date, venue and intended colours to their opponents and the referee five days prior to the playing of the game.  Where the colours of the competing teams are the same the home team must change.  When this occurs in the semi-final or final ties both teams must change unless mutually agreed. Shirts MUST be numbered 1 to 15 or 16.  Any breach of this rule shall result in a fine of 20.00. Goalkeepers must wear colours that distinguish them from other players and the referee.  No player including the goalkeeper, shall be permitted to wear Black or very dark shirts. Clubs must notify the competition secretary of their colours for semi-finals and finals 14 days before playing the match.

Rule 13.Team Lists.

Each Captain or Secretary must exchange team sheets also supply the referee with a copy no later than 15 minutes before the commencement of the game.  The competition secretary must receive from each club within three days of the date played the result of each game on the official match report from, containing the full name of the players (in block letters) together with their opponents exchange team sheet, also the referees marks.  Clubs failing to comply with this rule shall be fined 20.00

Rule 14. Late Starts.

 The duration of any match shall not exceed 90 minutes or be less than 70 minutes, but the period decided upon by the Referee shall be communicated to the Captains prior to the commencement of the game and to the secretary of this Association after the match is concluded.  The Council shall have power to deal with any match abandoned from any cause, The Referee shall report all late starts.  The Captain of the team at fault must be informed before the match starts.  Clubs responsible for the late start may be fined 10.00 for period not exceeding 10 minutes and 1.00 for each additional minute.  The Council shall have power to increase Fines for repeated offences.  The Referee shall allow a maximum of 15 minutes for the halftime interval.

Rule 15.Protest & Complaints procedure.

All questions of eligibility, qualifications of competitors or interpretations of Rules shall be referred to the Council. Any objection relative to the ground or appurtenances of the game will not be entertained by the Council, unless a protest has been lodged in writing with the referee before the match commenced.  Protest of any kind, shall not be entertained by the Council, unless sent in writing along with a deposit of 50.00 to the secretary of the Association within THREE DAYS of the match (Sundays and Bank Holidays not to be counted).  In the event of a protest not being sustained, the Council may order the deposited fee forfeited to the funds of the Association.  No objection shall be withdrawn except by leave of the Council.  The cause of such objection or appurtenances etc. shall be received before the game if time permits. Any Club desiring information relative to a protest, or complaints or disputes may obtain it on application in writing to the secretary on payment of 20.00. Any club or registered player found guilty by the West Riding County Football Association of serious and /or persistent misconduct mat be charged by the competition of undesirable conduct likely to bring the competition into disrepute.

Rule 16. Appeal Procedure.

Any dispute occurring between Clubs in the Competition shall be referred to the sole arbitration of the Council.  Should either of the two Clubs in connection with the dispute or protest have a member on the Council, the said shall not be able to sit on the Council while such dispute or protest is being considered.  Protest shall be made in writing and two copies of the same sent by REGISTERED POST or RECORDED DELIVERY to the Secretary of the Association, as well as a copy sent by Registered Post or Recorded Delivery to the Club protested against.  Such protest and copies shall be accompanied by particulars to the ground on which protest is based, and the secretary of the Association shall send a copy of the protest and particulars to the Club protested against.  Each Club may support its own case by witnesses.

Any Club can appeal against a decision of this Council.  All appeals MUST be made in accordance with Rule 5 of the West Riding County Football Association Limited.

Rule 17.   Correspondence.

  All notices and correspondence required by these rules shall be addressed to the secretary of the association.  Any correspondence requiring a reply or receipt shall enclose a stamped addressed envelope.  Failure to do so shall result in an administration charge of 8.00 being made.

Rule 18. Gate Receipts. 

The home club shall take all the proceeds prior to the semi-final.  The association shall take the whole of the proceeds of the semi-final and final tie.

Rule.19. Failure to play.

Clubs failing to play their semi-finals or final tie without showing a good and   sufficient cause for such failure shall be adjudged guilty of a serious misconduct and shall be dealt with as the Management committee deem fit and be liable to a fine not exceeding 100.00.

Rule 20. Trophy Agreement.

When the winning club has been ascertained, the cup shall be handed to the representative of such club in exchange for a document signed by the three persons whose names have been submitted to any approved by the Management committee to the following effect:  "We A.B.C.D.E.F, members of and representatives of the Club, .................................................................. which has now been declared to have won the Castleford and District FA Challenge Cup or Sunday cup, and the same having delivered to us by the said Association do hereby, on behalf of the said Club, individually and collectively engaged, agree to return the same to the Treasurer of the Association for the time being, in good order and conditions of the annexed rules, to which we have subscribed our respective names on or before the first day of February next, and providing the said Cup is destroyed or damaged by fire or any other cause or lost whilst under our care, we agreed to refund to the Association the amount of its original value or the cost of thorough repair.  A fine equivalent to the cup fee will be imposed if cups are not returned by the said date.

Rule 21. Medals & Souvenirs. 

 In addition to the Cup, the Association may present medals or souvenirs to the players and match officials.

Rule 22. Rule Changes.

 Management committee shall have power, prior to the commencement of each Seasons Cup Competitions, to alter or add the above rules, as they may deem expedient.  They shall also have power to deal with any matter not provided for.

Rule 23. Footballs & Flags. 

The Home Club shall provide not less than two footballs for the playing of any match, and they must be passed as suitable by the referee before the tie commences.  The home club shall provide two assistants flags for the use of club assistants or assistant referees as applicable, failure to comply with this rule shall result in a fine of 20. Fines will be doubled for repeated offences.

Rule 24. First Aid Arrangements.

All clubs must provide an adequate first aid kit and a responsible person to use it.  Failure to comply will result in a fine not exceeding 100.00